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Hagmann, John S.

  • JHagmann
  • Architect
  • 20th century

John S. Hagmann is an American architect most active during the late 20th century. From 1969-1977, Hagmann was partnered with fellow Yale alum Robert A. M. Stern at their firm Stern and Hagmann.

Stern, Robert A. M.

  • RStern
  • Architect
  • 1939 - Present

Robert A. M. Stern (1939-) is a renowned American postmodern architect and architectural historian. He is the the founder of the firm Robert A. M. Stern Architects, which was established in 1977 in New York City. From 1969-1977, Stern was partnered with fellow Yale alum John S. Hagmann at their firm Stern and Hagmann.

Buchsbaum, Alan

  • ABuchsbaum
  • Architect
  • 1936-1987

De Vido, Alfredo

  • ADeVido
  • Architect
  • 1932-Present

Alfredo De Vido is an architect and author in New York City. He is known for his residential projects. His work also includes the 1993 renovation of the Queens Theatre in the Park.

Family Circle Great Ideas

  • FCGIdeas
  • Publication
  • 1975-2001

Great Ideas was a published seven times a year by Family Circle, Inc.

Hoffman, Diana

  • DHoffman
  • Architect
  • NA

Janes, Lynn

  • LJanes
  • Pessoa singular
  • NA

Bonomo, James

  • JBonomo
  • Pessoa singular
  • NA

Warner, James

  • GWarner
  • Pessoa singular
  • NA

Neski, Julian and Barbara

  • JBNeski
  • Pessoa singular
  • 1927-2004, 1928-Present

Julian Neski (1927-2004) and Barbara Neski (1928-) were an architectural team based in New York City that helped revolutionize domestic design in the 1960s-1970s. Together, they designed more than 35 distinct vacation houses, many of which can be found in the East Hamptons.

Jaffe, Norman (American architect)

  • NJaffe
  • Architect
  • 1932-1993

Most known for single-home designs but also designed urban residential complexes, office towers and industrial buildings.

Henderson, Richard

  • RHenderson
  • Architect
  • 1928-2009

Richard Henderson was a partner in the American architectural firm Gwathmey Henderson Siegel from 1968-1970. He then became a faculty member at Cooper Union in 1972, and was appointed Professor of Architecture and Associate Dean in 1982. He retired in 2000.

Gwathmey, Charles

  • CGwathmey
  • Architect
  • 1938-2009

Moore, Charles Willard (American architect, author, and educator)

  • CWMoore
  • Architect
  • 1925-1993

Charles Willard Moore was a partner in several firms throughout the 1960s before founding his own, Charles W. Moore Associates, in 1970 in Berkeley, California. In 1975, he joined the firm Moore Grover Harper in Alexandria, Virginia. He was known for his humanistic approach to architecture.

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