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Pre-1945 Student Records

This subseries consists of files pertaining to individual students. Files vary by contents, but may include years of attendance, school records such as courses taken and examination results, correspondence with the school, career placements, and personal information such as religious affiliation, a spouse's name, or a photograph. Documents are in their original folders with original labels bearing students' names. White labels denote students that did not complete their library school studies; all other students' files have pink labels. Some folders bear small, black circular stickers on the label. This was to indicate that the student is deceased, although the time period in which the stickers were applied is unknown.

Post-1945 Student Records

This subseries consists of files pertaining to individual students that attended Pratt Library School between 1946 and 2015. Documents are in their original folders with original labels bearing students' names. The series is arranged alphabetically by surname. Because these files are closed until 70 years after their creation, they remain unprocessed.

Student Newsletters, 2005-2008

Includes student association newsletters, many of which were named "Keyword."

Pratt Institute School of Information and Library Science Student Association (SILSSA)

Institutional Reports, 1894-1940

This subseries includes monthly, term, and academic year-end library school reports from 1894 to 1940. Some reports indicate they were authored by an unspecified Vice-Director, others are by unknown authors, and still others are personally signed by Mary Plummer or Josephine Rathbone. The reports are mostly typewritten, some with handwritten edits, with a few being completely handwritten. Reports include information such as admission and graduation numbers and analysis, job placements, faculty appointments, departures and activities, field work completed, alumni events, questionnaire results, the status of funds, examination results, curriculum, and school happenings. Of special significance is a report of the library classes' work in the Children's Room, prepared by Anne Carroll Moore.

Miscellaneous Reports, 1913-1915

This subseries contains miscellaneous reports from Pratt Institute regarding salary statistics, positions filled by graduates, and comparisons to other schools.

Institutional History

This subseries consists of a type-written history of Pratt Institute Library School, and has handwritten notes and editing throughout. This is a small glimpse into the early history of the school.

Student Rosters

This subseries contains class rosters, general student lists with personal addresses, and lists of graduating students.

Addresses to Faculty

This subseries consists of typescript speeches addressed to faculty. These speeches report on the improvements and successes of the Library school, the school's importance to the Institute, and on the professional status of graduated students.

Newsletters and Journal Articles

This subseries contains a copy of the Pennsylvania Library Notes (1933), to which Josephine Rathbone contributed an article, and a copy of The Seven Joys of Reading (1954) by Mary Wright Plummer, which was first published in 1910.

Public Presentations

This subseries contains one typed speech, dated 1927, intended to be delivered at a meeting of the New York Library Club.

Newspaper Clippings

This subseries contains undated newspaper clippings that mention Mary Plummer and the School of Library Training at Pratt Institute.

Lectures, 1896-1902

This subseries is comprised of lists of lectures given to the school with some handwritten notations.

Cataloging Courses

This subseries is comprised of general information of objectives of courses in cataloging and classifications, as well as a hand-written lesson plan.

Written Works

This subseries consists of a Class of 1894 history, written in rhyme by Charlotte Keith.

Student Groups, 1894-1895

This subseries consists of two records, both constitutions from the members of the classes of 1894 and 1895, respectively. These include resolutions adopted by the student group involving subjects such as officer positions and duties, member dues, and mission.

Administrative Student Statistics and Job Placements, 1896-1909

This subseries consists of information about libraries in which graduates of the program have been employed; addresses, education, language, age of students; employment statistics on the students from the first 6 years of the program, 1891-1896; alumni's responses to surveys; Class of 1900 statistics; statistics on applicants to the program from 1904 to 1909.

Course Outlines and Schedules, 1890-1905

This subseries contains lists, notes, and spreadsheets that include basic information about courses like titles, semesters offered, schedule, and, in some cases, brief descriptions.

American Library Association Reports and Self-Studies, 1923

This subseries includes reports, reviews, presentations, and self-studies by and for the Association of American Library School, later renamed the American Library Association. These reports and reviews were typically compiled for the Committee on Accreditation, but some self-studies were written to show the school's improvement during periods of conditional accreditation.

Library School Advisory Committee

This subseries consists of a document titled "Work of the Library School Advisory Committee," which discusses the role of the committee members, including Rathbone, in planning for the upcoming school year activities like curriculum, lecturers, and schedule planning.

Miscellaneous Reports, 1983-1985

This sub-series consists of reports on various matters including a five-year planning report, a self-study, and a file on the 1985 American Council on Education.

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